Stefan Rosenmayer

Stefan Rosenmayer

Birthday: 17-11-1981

Hobbies: Music, Sports, Games, Movies, TV Series

Influences: Petrucci, Malmsteen, Jeff Loomis

Favourite Band(s): Evergrey, Dream Theater, Seventh Wonder, Psychotic Waltz, Ayreon, Orden Ogan, Pagans Mind, Protest the Hero, (early) Queensryche, Shadow Gallery, Sonata Arctica, Sun Caged, Symphony X, Wolverine, tooo many,…..

Favourite Album(s):

Dream Theater, every single one up to “Six Degrees…”.

Evergrey: In Search Of Truth / The Inner Circle

Psychotic Waltz: Into the Everflow

Queensryche: Operation Mindcrime

Shadow Gallery: Tyranny

Nevermore: Politics of Ecstasy

Still too many….

Favourite Books: Discworld

Favourite Authors: Terry Pratchett

Favourite TV-Shows: Big Bang Theory, Two and a half Men, House, Friends, Becker, Game of Thrones,…

Favourite Movies: Star Wars, LOTR, Pakt der Wölfe, Indiana Jones, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Rod

Ghostbusters, and many more

Equipment: Ibanez Js 100, Line 6 Amp

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